стрілка вверх

Wellcome in Netishyn

Ukraine, country where I live

There is no place like home.

Where is placed my country, Ukraine.

Ukraine (Ukrainian: Україна, tr. Ukrayina [ukrɑjinɑ]) is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

Ukraine has an area of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country entirely within Europe and the 46th largest country in the world, and a population of about 44.5 million, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world.

Ukraine in Europe

Our colors is: blue, thats mean sky, and yellow - wheat.

- What can I tell you about our people? What I think?
We love our country, this place is really beatiful,
We are kind and we like to work on our own land,
we have good melodious language,
we have pretty girls :)

Ukrainian girl

Ukrainian colors

Ukrainian Carpathian

Ukrainian Carpathian

Ukrainian Carpathian

Not so long ago Ukaine had territory Crimea, occupied by enemy.

Ukrainian Carpathian

White storks are native to south-western and north-western Ukraine.


Kiev - capital of Ukraine

Kiev Institutskaya





Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

St Sophia Kiev

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral in Kiev

Catholic Cathedral Kiev

Lviv's Old Town; architecture there is much influenced by its history as part of Austria-Hungary and Poland.

Lviv's Old Town

Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans building by Josef Hlávka, 1882, now Chernivtsi University.

Chernivtsi University

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle – one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

Poltava museum, Ukrainian Modern architecture example. 1908.

Poltava museum

A collection of traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs – pysanky. The design motifs on pysanky date back to early Slavic cultures.

traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs


The traditional Ukrainian diet includes chicken, pork, beef, fish and mushrooms. Ukrainians also tend to eat a lot of potatoes, grains, fresh, boiled or pickled vegetables.
Popular traditional dishes include varenyky (boiled dumplings with mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, cherries or berries),
nalysnyky (pancakes with cottage cheese, poppy seeds, mushrooms, caviar or meat),
kapuśniak (soup made with meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, millet, tomato paste, spices and fresh herbs),
borsch (soup made of beets, cabbage and mushrooms or meat),
holubtsy (stuffed cabbage rolls filled with rice, carrots, onion and minced meat)
and pierogi (dumplings filled with boiled potatoes and cheese or meat).
Ukrainian specialties also include Chicken Kiev and Kiev cake.
Ukrainians drink stewed fruit, juices, milk, buttermilk (they make cottage cheese from this), mineral water, tea and coffee, beer, wine and horilka.