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March 2015

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  3. TOEFL Tips
  4. English Grammar Rules
  5. Comics Conversation
  6. English iteresting things

  7. Acquaintance
  8. Education background
  9. Friends
  10. Personality
  11. Person
  12. About job
  13. How to learn?
  14. How many words do I need to know?
  15. Travelling
  16. Present Simple vs Present Continuous
  17. Modals
  18. How create a web-site?
  19. Computer Programmer Job Description
  20. Web security
  21. Translate into English

Conversation about programming



We have got a hero, his name is Bob and he is fond of programming.

Our Bob want to work at good It-company.

Mr Boss will be Mr. Twister and office secretary will be Alice.

So Bob came to the office for an interview.

Of course, boss Mr. Twister like any proffesional is very busy, so Alice will speak with our Bob.

Part 1. Bob's first conversation with secretary

To personality lesson...


Let we will name in conversation our heroes secretary like A. and Bob like B.

So the first conversation:

    Bob, like a pupil, open the door, looks inside and says:

  1. B: - Hi there, I'm Bob, I have an interiew at 9p.m.
  2. A: - Hello, Mr. Bob. Nice to meet you, my name is Alice and today I will interview you. - You may come in.
  3. Bob little bit nervous but he courageously comes and sits on chair in front of her and smiles to Alice.

  4. A: - So, Mr. Bob, tell me pls little bit about yourself, who are you, where you from, what are usually doing?
  5. B: - Oh, it's easy, I lived all my life in hot Central Afrika, but no so long time ago Im moved to Ukraine. Now I live in small village on Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. If we talk about my personality, I would rather to say that Im friendly, almoust disciplined, little humorous. I also can be organized, dedicated, hardworking, what else? M-m-m, I like deside different interesting puzzle.
  6. She think, he take plus one point, It will be nice to spend one of corporate party somewhere at deep small village near mountains, and smiled in her mind.

  7. A: - Nice, We need such hardworking people, do you really like work, couse many people dont like it?
  8. Bob want to say:" - Of course no, I like money" but say.

  9. B: - Honestly, I just very fond programming, It is very interesting to code, it is amasing that things will do your request.
  10. A: - I see also ambitious. Ok, tell me pls what you are graduated?
  11. B: - I graduated some Technical University and couple of different courses.
  12. A: - Maybe, You have got some It-projects or any blog, web-site or something else?
  13. B: - Yes, I have personal blog about computers hardware.
  14. A: - And what do you know about web-programming?
  15. B: - I have good knowledge about HTML5, jQuery, PHP, also about MySQL.
  16. A: - I guess, You know about some Content Management System?
  17. B: - Ye, WordPress and other.
  18. A: - I see, nice. Would you so kind to answer some other question?
  19. B: - With pleasure.
  20. A: - Lets check one test. Tell me pls, You feel superior to other people?
  21. B: - I can not say so, I respect other people.
  22. A: - Can people easy upset you?
  23. B: - It depend on situation, if someone's pets died, it will be sad. But if it is just any bad joke I don't care.
  24. A: - Can You say that You envious of others?
  25. Bob sincerely smiled.

  26. B: - I am young and I might achieve everything what I want. I do not envious to others.
  27. The conversation continued for another half hour.

  28. A: - That is all Mr. Bob, It was interesting to talk with you.
  29. B: - I am also with pleasure to spoke with you.
  30. A: - I will check other candidates and in any case we will call you. Good by, Mr. Bob.
  31. B: - I hope to work in your company so I will wait you call. Have are nice day Alice.
  32. Smile to smile.

Part 2. Conversation about web-site

Web site lesson...

Let's make short conversation about web-site. - What is "web-site" mean?

programist on interview

A few days later Alice phoned Bob.

  1. A: - Good morning, Bob, it is Alice from It-company. - Can you come tomorrow for a little conversation?
  2. B: - Of course, I will be tomorrow.
  3. At the next day Bob comes to the office. He opened Alice's door, smiled to her and said:

  4. B: - Hello, may I come in?
  5. A: - Hello Bob, of course, come in and sit down where you like.
  6. Bob sat on a free chair in front of Alice. Except Alice, in the office was another guy.

  7. A: - Let me introduce you each other, this is Bob and this is Timothy, you are both want to work in our company and I need to know more about your knowledge.
  8. Guy's not so happily look at each other.

  9. B: - Hi, Tim.
  10. T: - Hi, Bob, nice to meet.
  11. A: - So, let start our conversation. I want to ask you what you can say about web-site? What do you know about it? What is usually web-site build for? How to make it? and other things... What you can answer Tim?
  12. T: - Are we talking about some special web site or just common any web-sites?
  13. A: - Any site, just common things.
  14. T: - Ok, I can say Web sites is a set of related web pages typically served from a web domain. A website is hosted on at web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet. There are too many different kinds of website. There are many sites such as social network, news sites, gambling sites, informational sites, business portal sites, e-commerce sites and other.
  15. A: - What else Bob?
  16. B: - M-m, as Tom says any sites used Internet, it is computer networks that use the Internet protocol to link billions of devices worldwide. Each website has its own unique web address which can be reached through an internet connection.
  17. A: - Which words you can associate with website, Tim?
  18. T: - When we talking about web site we can also say about such things as URL, HTTP, HTML and CSS, wide meaning in frond-end and back-end development. More about this: URL or Uniform Resource Locator - is the unique address for a file that is accessible on the Internet. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the set of rules for transferring files, text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files on the World Wide Web.
  19. Alice noted something in her notebook.

  20. A: - Bob, How would you explain the difference between front-end and back-end web development to a 5-year-old?
  21. B: - Pretend a website is a car. There are a lot of things inside of a car that help it run – make it speed up, slow down, even keep on the lights. All of these things you can't really see – but are really important – that's the back-end.

    But then there are items that you directly use in the car to make it go: your gas and brake pedals, the steering wheel. And there are also a lot of things on that car that make it fun to drive and cool to look at: a racing stripe, a leather interior. All the stuff you can directly touch, see or hear. That's the front end.
  22. Alice smiled.

  23. A: - Tim, What is front-end development?
  24. T: - Front end development, also known as client side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or web application so that a user can see and interact with it. There are several tools available that can be used to develop the front end of a website. First, HyperText Markup Language - this is the backbone of any website development process, without which a web page doesn't exist. Secondary, Cascading Style Sheets controls the presentation aspect of the site and allows your site to have its own unique look. And third, JavaScript is an event-based imperative programming language that is used to transform a static HTML page into a dynamic interface. Fourth, Accessibility that provides for any devices, such as smart phones and tablets, designers need to ensure that their site comes up correctly in browsers on all devices. And the last it is performance, performance goals are chiefly concerned with render time, manipulating the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure that the site opens up quickly.

They talked for some time and when the conversatoin has been completed Alice thanked the boys.

Bob thought "Tim is quite smart guy, and what about Alice? Is this pretty girl also has strong programming knowledge? Wonder."

Part 3. Computer Programmer Job Description

Computer Programmer Job Description lesson...

programist with motorbike

Next comics story, it's seems that will be nice if Bob and Timhoty talk about their future life...

The nearest cafe would be perfect for their conversation.

  1. B: - So, Tim, maybe would nice if we drink some coffe?
  2. T: - Ye, sure, why not.
  3. They entered to an cozy cafe.

    Bob smiled and asked new friend.

  4. B: - Do you like Alice?
  5. T: - Smart and pretty nice one...
  6. be continued...