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This page in progress as long as I have been learning English :)

English on BestWebIt site

About BestWebIt course

February 2016


- Why I need learn English?

A good programmer must know English well or even better, so I try to make conversation with other programmers or other people, who want to improve their English skills.


BestWebIt knowledge system

Actually, studying English provides few areas such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, Pronunciation. So I will try to mix it in each lesson...

Every conversation theme (or lesson) consists:

  1. Common conversation. This lesson's part is dedicated to one question: "- What do you already know about this theme?".
  2. For example, if we are talking (lesson's conversation) about Internet thus question is
    "- What have you already known about Internet?".

    We have couple theme such as: how does create web-site, computer programmer personality, computer programmer job description, html, php, web-design, web-security, framework's and so on...

  3. Theme text. It is common information about each specific theme.
  4. This text is usefull either as information or a sample for reading. The lesson's Question List can also relate to this text.

  5. Question list. Lesson's conversation is mostly a reply to the Question List.
  6. For example, you need to answer such question like:
    - How does Internet network work?
    - What does "HTTPS-protocol" mean?
    - What does "Web site" mean?
    - What does computer programmer usually do? and etc...

    Each specific theme consist about thirty question's.

  7. Grammar. There are some grammar rules in each lessons, like about when do we use Present Simple, or Future Perfect, or What do know about Sequense of Tenses, ets.

  8. Make question/sentence with any pattern. Anybody might not only answer the Question List but also can make the question or sentence, he might explain his thought.

  9. Vocabulary. In this part there are some interesting words and word expressions.

I think also would be usefull some link to other resourses, that will be interesting for conversation.

Assumes all this conversation must be about:

BestWebIt course page list

  1. Comics Conversation

  2. programist

    Briefly: It is my training page in conversation.

    We have some hero: Boss - Mr. Twister, secretary - pretty Alice, and just good dude - programmer Bob.

    Watch more... Comics Conversation

  3. Acquaintance

  4. Acquaintance

    Briefly: - What are we talking about when we meet SomeBody?
    - Hi, I' Myname,... and I wonder, who are you? Are you friendly? And where you live? Is it it far away from my country? And do you really so distinguish from me?...

    - So let's consider about ... Acquaintance

  5. Netishyn, town where I live

  6. Learning

    Briefly: My name is Anatolij, and I going to tell you a little bit about myself and where I live.

    I live in Ukraine, that is lovely country, it have wonderful landscapes and there live good and kind people.

    I think that our life do great, I like enjoy it and travelling as well, (although computer programming and studying English) - and I enjoyed our Carpathians...

    Sometimes I go there with my friends, we climb over one of mountains, eat delicious ukrainian "borch" that has coocked on the open air...

    - but what can you tell us about your settlement? ... Netishyn, town where I live

  7. How to learn?

  8. Learning

    Briefly: This lesson's dedicated conversation about learning English; what, why and how do you learn it, question, grammar (present perfect), reading,
    Lessons question: - Why do you learn English? How many languages do you speak? What languages would you like to learn in future? Do you need to use your foreign languages at work? - What can you do when you have a good knowledge of English? How will the quality of your life improve? What is value of learning languages? Do you think that knowing a foreign language might encourage you to live abroad in future?...

    - So let's consider about us :) ... Learning

  9. How many words do I need to know?

  10. using words

    Briefly: A very common question that people ask when starting the study of a foreign language is “How many words do I need to know in order to be conversationally fluent for everyday talk in X language?”
    This is a very good question, and one that we will try to answer in, but first of all, let me ask you this:
    - Have you ever wondered how many words there are in your language?
    Well, this is the wrong question, in fact, since there is no single sensible answer to this question.
    - Why is that?...

    - So let's consider about this ... How many words do I need to know?

  11. Friends

  12. friends

    Briefly: - This lesson's is dedicated consideration for all about our friends. Friend is a person who you like and enjoy being with
    - So the first question is, of course:
    - Do you have a friend(s)? And is he real dude that always come help you with your beer :) ? ... Friends

  13. Job

  14. personality

    Briefly: « Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.»

    - So let's consider about ... Job

  15. 6. Travelling

  16. travelling

    Briefly: «The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. » –
    St. Augustine.

    - So let's consider about ... travelling

  17. Основи англійської граматики

  18. personality

    Briefly: Хоча я й вивчаю досить давно англійську мову, та навіть інтуїтивно знаю в чому недолік самостійного вивчення англійської мови (відсутність постійного живого спілкування), та, вважаю, що все ж англійська мова досить легка. Тут ніби й небагато потрібно - знати основи граматики, тобто, яким ж чином висловити свою думку, та мати достатній словниковий запас.

    Далі все просто, якщо мова насправді тобі потрібна для повсякденного спілкування, то мову будеш знати, якщо ж мову застосовувати лиш час від часу, то, як на мене, людський мозок просто стирає зайве, що не застосовується.

    Що ж, давайте спробуємо легко розібратись, що то за англійська граматика, та оті всі Часи англійської мови: Simple, Continuous, Perfect....

    Watch more... Основи англійської граматики

  19. 8. English Grammar Rules

  20. personality

    Briefly: Want to know lanquage, need to know rules.

    Watch more... English Grammar Rules

  21. Cambridge. Advanced Grammar in Use. Present Simple vs Present Continuous.

  22. present simple vs present continuous

    Briefly: At this lesson few rules when we use Present Simple and when we use Present Continuous.

    Watch more... Present Simple vs Present Continuous

  23. 9. Personality

  24. personality

    Briefly: - What can you say about yourself?

    - What can you say about your personality traits? You are hardworking person, perseverant, responsible and just irreplaceable nice guy :)

    Watch more... Personality

  25. Person

  26. person

    Briefly: - With whom would you like to be friends?

    - A person is a being, such as a human, that has certain capacities or attributes constituting personhood, which in turn is defined differently by different authors in different disciplines, and by different cultures in different times and places.

    Watch more... Person

  27. How create a web-site?

  28. personality

    Briefly: - What is it mean "website"?

    A website, also written as web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a uniform resource locator (URL). All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.

    Watch more... How create a web-site?

  29. Computer Programmer Job Description

  30. personality

    Briefly: Computer Programmers write code. Through the use of computer languages, such as C++ and Java, computer programmers create instructions for computers to perform and follow. They work closely with others in the company to develop, maintain, debug, and test computer programs.

    Computer Programmers are commonly employed by software companies. However, with the surge in access to computer programmers, many governmental and private sector companies, such as banks and law firms, have begun to employ computer programmers. It is not uncommon to see computer programmers working as freelancers, moving from project to project within technology consulting firms, or independently.

    Watch more... Computer Programmer Job Description

  31. Web security

  32. personality

    Briefly: A completely secure system is a virtual impossibility, so an approach often used in the security profession is one of balancing risk and usability. If every variable submitted by a user required two forms of biometric validation (such as a retinal scan and a fingerprint), you would have an extremely high level of accountability. It would also take half an hour to fill out a fairly complex form, which would tend to encourage users to find ways of bypassing the security..

    Watch more... Web security

  33. Переклад тексту

  34. personality

    Коротко: Список питань, які необхідно перекласти на англійську мову та дати гарну відповідь....

    Питання на зразок:
    - Якими рисами Ви описали б себе? (наприклад, працьовитий,...)
    - Якими навиками Ви володієте?
    - Які навчальні заклади Ви закінчували?

    Watch more... Переклад тексту